Issyk Kul lake is one of the most famous lakes in the world. It is the eighth deepest lake in the world. The pearl of Central Asia. Issyk Kul attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It is obvious that the majority of international and local tourists visit only north parts of Issyk Kul. Only a small percentage of travelers and tourists visit south shores of this wonderful lake. Entertainment and luxury seekers will definitely travel to the northern parts of Issyk Kul. On the opposite side, those, who want to explore beautiful landscapes and historical places, will surely visit north of Issyk Kul. If you don’t want to visit it, after reading this awesome blog post, you will definitely change your mind.


Skazka (Fairytale) Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in whole Kyrgyzstan. The amazing rock formation in this place is truly unrepeatably beautiful. Skazka Canyon doesn’t resemble any another place in Kyrgyzstan. And of course, you will never find something similar to Skazka canyon on the north of Issyk Kul.

When I look at great and very unusual rocks in Fairytale Canyon, its beauty reminds me of Petra in Jordan. I cannot compare these two wonderful places since both of them have a unique history and appearance.

When you are in Issyk Kul, I recommend spending a few days on the South shore of the lake. Visit Skazka, explore its labirints, make photos, and you will never forget this groundbreaking place.


Манжылы Ата

Manjyly Ata is a religious place on the South shore of Issyk Kul. It is another great block of grand mountains. They don’t resemble any other mountains in the country. Nor do they imitate the look of Fairytale Canyon.

The whole area of Manjyly Ata is very big. You will surely spend several hours walking and wondering in this wonderful place. Since the climate is absolutely awesome in Issyk Kul, you will find it pretty pleasurable to spend your time there. Manjyly Ata is an unforgettable place.


Barskoon waterfall is another very famous place on the South shore of Issyk Kul that deserve our attention. This destination requires a lot of time to explore. The waterfall is not too high. However, surrounded by rocks and beautiful trees from both sides, the view of Barskoon waterfall is very picturesque. If you are an artist or a photographer, you will be amazed by the wonderful look of the waterfall. It is absolutely amazing.

I want to mention that Barskoon waterfall is a very romantic place. Take your girlfriend, a tent, some food, and spend a few days camping there. Your experience will be unforgettable.


The capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek with its culture, buildings, mentality, and people, resembles European countries. It is never a good idea to visit capitals in order to get to know a foreign culture. Capital cities are always financialized and modernized. In most capital cities, there is a lack of humanity nowadays. I have experienced it myself. Therefore, I think that traveling to remote destinations within a country is the best way to delve into a local culture.

Whilst, the North shore of Issyk Kul was vigorously commercialized, the South shore remains to be untouched. Even reconstructions from the Soviet period haven’t touched the region at all. On the South shore of Issyk Kul, everything is absolutely authentic and natural. People and the environment represent true culture of Kyrgyzstan and its nation.


Stat in a yurt

There is no doubt, you are very interested in yurts (national nomad houses of Turkic nations). I don’t doubt in your interest since we are always attracted to foreign things. Everything foreign looks so exotic for our eyes. Therefore, if you are in Kyrgyzstan, you will surely want to explore and maybe stay in a yurt.

On the South shore of Issyk Kul, you can watch Yurt building demonstration. You can even stay in a yurt for a couple of days if you wish. What is more, I think that local people will probably invite you to their homes. Thus, you will be able to fully explore the culture.